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anubis1689's Journal

Uncommon Garamond

My name is Jim. I'm 24, American, and an
Alum from The College of New Jersey with a BFA in Graphic Design.

I'm down to earth... (for the most part). I was born in Queens,
NY, and now I live in Joisey. I constantly think...
I think about life, love, meaning, light, creation,
God, and ....smells. I'm pretty open minded, I think.

Now let's get funky and DANCE!
(Jim breaks out into a disco dance, reminiscent of
Travolta in Saturday Night Fever)

Jim Facts
Nationality: Italian

School: The College of New Jersey (Class of 2005)

Degree: BFA - Graphic Design

Status: Single

Dog/Cat Person: Dog Person

Favorite Food: Caesar Salad w/Chicken

Favorite Music: Trip-Hop

Favorite Drinks: Red Bull & Vodka

Hobbies: music is life, workin' out, taking pictures, watching movies, playing the keyboard, writing, God, painting, digital artwork, savoring different foods and drinks, running, taking frequent trips to Barnes and Noble, Legos, chilling, creating, talking, thinking, and observing

Goal: To become sucessful and to live a life my possible future grandchildren might find somewhat interesting.


abandoned pools, abstract expressionism, acanthus leaves, acrylics, adidas, air conditioning, ancient art, ancient egypt, ancient greece, ancient rome, architecture, art, art deco, austin powers, beaches, beastie boys, beatles, beauty, bic pens, bike riding, boats, braveheart, calligraphy, canon, car design, caravaggio, cathedrals, catholicism, chiaroscuro, chilling, christianity, classical music, coldplay, college, color, company, cubism, customization, dave matthews band, dead grass, deep talks, design, digital art, dinosaurs, director, disturbed, donnie darko, drawing, dreams, eighties music, enigma, family guy, ferns, final cut pro, flash mx 2004, floor hockey, forests, freedom, gladiator, graphic design, green, h.r. giger, hair gel, harry potter, hgtv, html, humor, illustrator, italy, james bond, jorge luis borges, learning, life, linkin park, longwood gardens, lord of the rings, love, marble, maya, meditation, merriment, metropolitan museum of art, michelangelo buonarroti, modern art, movies, mp3s, music, nature, new age music, new york city, offices, oils, optimism, order, outdoors, painting, paper, passion, pcs, philosophy, photography, photoshop, pop music, portishead, red, red bull, reflection, renaissance art, rock music, running, science fiction, serenity, shadows, skechers, slate, sleeping, small dogs, smooth jazz, snapple, socializing, space, spirituality, spring, star trek, star wars, sushi, swimming, tae bo, tcnj, techno, tenebrism, tennis, the cloisters, the future, the jetsons, the past, the sun, thinking, tranquility, trees, typography, water, watercolor, web design, wisdom, world religions, writing, yellow, zen