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I just woke up from a vivid dream...


The dream takes place in a neighborhood I've never seen, though I feel I've dreamt about it before. Average sized two story houses lined with tall overgrown trees, and lots of them. I find myself behind the houses in a sort of valley path between the backyards. The entire dream is in a dark saturation of blues and greens and blacks, as could be brought on by the most darkest rainy day at dusk. The dim overcast provides very little light to the ground below the trees.

The backyards are haphazard, and contain evidence of abandoned history: half-chopped log piles, untended gardens, piles of dead leaves, wire fences in desperate need of repair, overgrown sandboxes, drenched toys. Everything is soggy and black with the dampness. No one in site, and apparently the neighborhood is flooding.

I spent a few hazy moments in the company of some panicked people in one of the houses at first, perhaps my own family... but eventually I find myself out in the back in this area between the houses with a self-initiated quest. I'm apparently to find a lost infant out in the rain.

The dream is silent, except for the patter of raindrops on tree leaves. I search and search, no evidence, looking in all the backyards. I finally stumble across one yard, completely overgrown, there is a broken stroller among the knee-high grass, and in it is the child, silent but aware, its face pale white against the surrounding blue. I sink into the mud and attempt to keep the infant warm and dry as best I can, with no one in sight.

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